In today's article we would like to talk about a decorative object that is not usually lacking in children's parties and other events. Illoom They are beautiful colorful balloons that will enlighten us with the led technology.

Inside, these balloons have a led light whose technology is activated when they are inflated. These futuristic balloons will decorate our environments for the best celebrations.

The Illoom are ideal for decorating parties for children who meet the 15 years, also for birthdays can be the perfect solution for when we turn off the lights and take out the cake balloons dimly illuminate the environment, standing out in the dark.

That is, the Illoom they will not last forever. Each balloon has a duration capacity of about 15 hours that is more than enough for the duration of the celebration.

Another great suggestion is to use, this type of balloons, to fill them with helium instead of air. In this way they will rise very high, we can make balloons. Perfect for tents and some types of events