choice of ornaments and accessories

Select the ornaments in our decoration can be considered a minor activity because by self-defense these are willing to deliver the final touches in a project that comes to an end, but the truth is that they are much more than that, their interaction dramatically determines the ability decorative of the spaces directing the attention of the observers, marking a style or falling against the effort made to decorate if his disposition is negligent.

choice of ornaments and accessories9

That is why we bring a practical guide to determine thatwe will be able to select the accessories of our house and which are those determining ornaments in the making of the same, in which moments we will be able to take advantage of our talent, any outside and that possibilities of expanding the aesthetic spectrum we find.

choice of ornaments and accessories2

Pictures, the pictures seem elements always very well received regardless of the aesthetic guidelines, but consider that in a modern, refined, sterile space with simple combinations a modern art picture greatly enhances the aesthetic capacity, it is at this point that we focus on talent since it is not necessary to be a great painter to achieve a modern and colorful finish that the lounge looksOf course, our statements are not intended to detract from the art but to reaffirm that the objective of the painting is merely a device and does not belong to a artistic collection hence we assume it as an ornament.

choice of ornaments and accessories8

Plants, the plants are wonderful beings not only because of their incredible beauty but because of the biological characteristics they show and improve our quality of life, for those who do not know, some species such as the fern eliminate the electromagnetic pollution generated by our appliances, and here you will also find a talent to exploit, caring for plants in the interior, the variety of existing pots allow to arrange the species in their most favorable conditions while decorating, looking at it only from its decorative concept a beautiful ornament.

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choice of ornaments and accessories5

Candles, the candles generate atmosphere, are responsible for a mystical attraction and very beautiful when decorating, but here the secret lies in what time to arrange, although all the spaces receive them in an accessory way without major complexities, they are the ethnic decorations mainly boosted by the thematic candle holders who take the best advantage.

choice of ornaments and accessories6

choice of ornaments and accessories7

Something similar happens with vases, garrons, containers and devices, where the culture is reflected in its thematic character being a true reflection of the archaeological elements characteristic of each culture, ebony is very common in African thematic objects imitating animals and essential characteristics of the most incredible continent on the planet.

choice of ornaments and accessories