Fortunately life always has a new challenge for us and we will not always be trying to furnish small spaces with little budget. On some occasion, if we are good managers of ourselves and invest in comfort, we will have the possibility of solving other types of situations, such as those posed by large interior spaces.

It is very simple to think about selecting the same furniture that we use at home in an extra-long size, but it is not in reality, unless we want to feel that we have changed scale. The possibility of using more space does not oblige us to do so, in fact, the best thing about large areas is to leave them free and be able to travel freely.

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A key element to furnish a room of considerable size is the coffee table, it is essential that it be extensive, although it is not necessary to be massive. To take into account for its successful design is the PARQUERY coffee table, one of the most elegant, beautiful and perfect in its manufacture that we can find nowadays in the market.

It is a special object for special environments. In the first place, its considerable size makes us suppose a huge room, typical of a house on the outskirts of the city, a loft of the industrial zone or an English palace. It also has the attractiveness, which not many know how to value, of its manufacture in parquét; composed of unbeatable pieces of cedar, oak, in addition to the discreet detail of the blue and black satin lacquer in one of its stripes (which could also be red or orange, as requested). An article to preserve all of life and that will eventually become more beautiful, what else do we want to read?

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Its widest part measures 115 cm, which tells us that the coffees that are served on this table are of great importance, and its height is 28 cm. More information on the Website