Those of us who have had the good fortune to visit the Republic know that landscapes and beaches like theirs are few. The Caribbean Sea has like a magnet that attracts the tourist and imbues him with an aura of tranquility and relaxation unparalleled, but nevertheless we know that there are not many houses like those that we see in these photographs.

r.dominicana house

r.dominicana2 house

It is a plot of 7.000 m2 that only a few privileged can have, on the coast of an island of Carbie. It is distributed in two different parts, but the most striking is the shape of its walls, walls and ceilings, all of them clad in coral stone.

r.dominicana4 house

r.dominicana5 house

Each of the rooms are designed to take advantage of the weather, allow good ventilation and leave large glazed areas that allow you to see the sea from most rooms. In addition, coral stone is also present in the interior.

r.dominicana6 house

r.dominicana9 house

Light, white and beige tones predominate, also contributing to the luminosity of the house. Without a doubt a corner of relaxation.

r.dominicana10 house

r.dominicana11 house

Vía: Contemporist