The kitchen of the home has become in recent years the perfect place to spend time surrounded by family, not only during the time of meals, but also to enjoy our free time. This has caused that this space has to count each time with a better lighting, whether it is natural light or artificial light. The important thing is that all this space is well lit so that we can perform all kinds of tasks, whether preparing our favorite recipe, watching television or enjoying a drink with the family. For this reason, today we want to talk about some things that we should always take into consideration when lighting this part of the house and thus enjoy a more cozy kitchen.

Natural light, better than artificial light

In the case that our kitchen is located in a dark place, the first thing we must do is make the most of natural light. The use of this type of light is much better than the artificial. The first thing that tires much less in sight, allowing us to better develop our tasks. And the second thing is that it will mean an important saving in the electric bill, something very to take into account as is the price of electricity.

To take full advantage of natural light, it is important that we stop for a moment to think about what would be the best option for the disposal of the kitchen furniture. The main idea is prevent furniture or appliances from clogging the windows or leaving little room for the entrance of natural light. Remember that the windows that the kitchen has, will be the main source of light.

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It is also important to avoid the use of thick curtains, blinds or blinds that do not leave the entrance of light. If we plan to use this type of elements, that at least we have the opportunity to collect them during the day.

The color chosen for the furniture is also important, since a clear tone will help us to give the environment more clarity and gain a feeling of spaciousness.

Keep in mind the size of the kitchen when it comes to lighting

After natural light, the next step is to focus on the distribution of artificial lighting so that they illuminate correctly the entire space. For this, the first thing we must do is take into account its size and depending on it, design a general lighting distribution. Since it will not be the same to have a small kitchen than a larger one.

In a small space kitchen, a spot of light can be more than enough. In those cases where the kitchen is larger or has recesses, it will be necessary to install several points that are responsible for providing light to the entire space. In this case, it would be interesting place several keys of light to be able to manage the illumination by sections.

A highly recommended option, and widely used, is the use of recessed spotlights in the ceiling. They usually offer a modern design and look great. Yes, bet on the LED technology. In addition to getting good lighting, it will also help us reduce our bill.

Illuminate the kitchen areas

It is also important to pay attention to the different areas of the kitchen. One of the most important areas is the cooking area, that is, where we place ourselves to prepare our recipes, so lighting is very important. Here we meet the help of the extractor hood, which usually has its own lighting and that gives us light while we cook.

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Another area where we may be interested in enjoying a greater amount of light, may be the laundry area. In this way we will make sure that all the crockery and utensils are perfectly without any type of stain.

Finally there is the storage area, that is, where are the furniture where we will store all our things. Enjoy a good lighting here, it will allow us to have everything in order and locate what we need easily and quickly.

Use LED lighting

In the event that you are going to reform the kitchen or if it is new construction, the type of artificial light that you should use is LED type thanks to its many advantages, highlighting that it is currently the most efficient on the market and one of the best solutions to light any room.

One of its main advantages is that most of the electrical energy it consumes is converted into light, generating very little heat. This translates into significant energy savings.

The best solution, at use LED in the lighting of the kitchen, it is distribute the LEDs through several parts of the kitchen, so that everything is perfectly illuminated. In addition, by finding them of different sizes, it is possible to use them anywhere. For example, placing an LED strip on the bottom of the furniture. There are even people who place them as skirting boards on one of the walls to create a feeling of greater amplitude.

Any area is liable to be illuminated by this lighting system, regardless of whether you have a small, dark kitchen or dining room.