For those who are lovers of plants certainly stop substantial from your decor will be the interaction of these with their spaces.

This is where the pots become relevant and the alternatives are varied to convert our Interior garden in a true oasis of vegetation without losing style.

The plants are not decorative pieces like the large amount of ornamental objects that we have in an environment, depends on the type and characteristics of each species the place where they should be implemented, some may receive direct light, others will be relatively close to the windows while some love the shade, all this will condition their disposition within the space interior and of course our decoration

The flowerpots shows decorative pieces that require a plant for their prominence, but they will be incomplete, although some trends and creators within the decor they propose the interaction of the same ones with the present technology confining true dream pieces.

Without a doubt, he is a lover of gardening or does not have the time or knowledge to cultivate them, the artificial plants adorned in these avant-garde flowerpots They can confine that touch of natural green that they want to add to their spaces without losing style and comfort.

The variables can be many everything will depend on your ingenuity the previously established space and the style that you try to respect, but without a doubt the technology does not stop to surprise us and it is that we find these beautiful high-end interactive flowerpots they are able to measure humidity and temperature in addition to calculating the lack of light or shade nutrients, a real solution for those who like plants but do not have or believe they do not have enough knowledge to implement them in their home.

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But abandoning somewhat the classical conception of a flower pot You will appreciate these beautiful models of the line Vomdom which make interact pots and furnishings built in plastic alloys highly resistant and ecological, provided with a unique color ideal for youthful decorations.