Spring makes us think that it is time to take care of the garden. We are going to order the flowers that we have out there and bring to the house the aroma and color of the new season.

For gardening enthusiasts, it is known that all care is little when we try plants. The sun exposure, the irrigation, the fertilizer, are essential cares to have to ensure a good garden inside or outside the house, as well as the choice of a correct pot for each type of plant.

Thinking about that, is that the designers present us with a collection of pots from the Spanish brand Vondom, specialist in outdoor furniture.


Life, Beauty and Energy were the three lines of inspiration for the design of three collections of pots, ready to increase the beauty of your home or your garden in this new season, which leads us to enjoy indoor and outdoor spaces with almost the same intensity.

Bright and vivid colors, elegant and original forms are the brand images of these pots of Vondom that make the difference with the rest, for its self-watering system incorporated in each of them, which allows each plant to feed and hydrate with the adequate amount of water to guarantee its perfect growth.

Each pot also has a built-in wheel system for a more practical transfer.

We also highlight the LLUM collection, which presents various models of illuminated pots with four different colors: natural, red, orange and lemon.

The option of RGB LEDs is accompanied by a remote control to turn on and off the light of the pot and change its color.

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