Orderliness in any other aspect prevails and, since these are spaces in which we usually store and store many objects and materials, order is fundamental.

The distribution and perfect solution for a storage space depends to a large extent on the available space and the volume of what is intended to be stored. From there you can find a multitude of options more or less practical depending on the needs that prevail.

Below you can see some practical solutions when ordering a storage area.

Transparent plastic boxes are ideal because, by being able to see the content, you can easily locate what you are looking for. To count in this type of spaces with a wall of shelves with transparent plastic boxes of different sizes is, without a doubt, a practical solution.

transparent boxes

If you do not have too many objects to keep and are not too small, you can choose to put everything in view. Choose a shelf any other furniture that allows you a storage that leaves the objects in sight. In this way you can have all your things neat and always at hand.

storage in sight

And, of course, the traditional shelves. They are an element that allows a great use of vertical space and are perfectly suitable for the storage of all types of objects, so that, in any storage space, a shelf has room.


Examine your space well and then decide which is the solution that best suits your needs.