Getting the right curtains for every room in the house can become a real headache. To begin, we advise you to read our post about how choose the fabric of the curtains, regardless of colors and decorative motifs, this element will be the one that allows us to create the environment that we want in each space. After that, we recommend you visit some establishments that have quality curtains, such as Maisons du Monde, which besides physical stores, also have decoration online stores.

Maisons du Monde - Pink fabric eyelet curtain 140 x 250 cm BEAUNE
Pink fabric buttonhole curtain 140 x 250 cm BEAUNE

Cotton, linen and velvet are the main materials among which you can choose in Maisons du Monde as far as curtains are concerned. Classic-chic style, sailor, contemporary or exotic, will be another of the dichotomies in which you will find yourself. In this case, think well what will be the decorative style of the room in question to find the right one for your curtains.

Finally, remember to choose a color that accompanies the decoration as it deserves. There are a lot of options in the Maisons du Monde catalog. White is always a success, whatever color prevails in the room, because the sensation of luminosity that transmits is incomparable. In case you want to opt for a color, first analyze the level of luminosity that space has; It would be a pity if too dark curtains would end up with the little natural light coming through the windows. In case of doubt, there are those who use two curtains. Some white or light and others dark. The first ones for the day and the warm days, and the second ones for the coldest days in which it is sought to multiply the warmth.

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Curtain catalog Maisons du Monde

In addition to all these curtains, in Maisons du Monde you will find all kinds of furniture, tableware, lamps, decoration, and even outdoor furniture. If you do not know yet the store, I invite you to visit its website, and if it convinces you, to get closer to some of its physical stores in Madrid, Seville, Malaga, Murcia, Valencia, Barcelona, ​​Zaragoza, Pamplona and Bilbao.

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Finally, if at the end you opt for impeccable white curtains, do not hesitate to read our trick for keep the white curtains. You will see how the passage of time is not noticeable in the color of the fabric and they are always ... as new!