Do you want some unique birthday invitations? Do them yourself! We give you some ideas to make homemade birthday invitations. Personalize them and take them to your land!

We are sorry to inform you that birthday invitations cardboard and book shaped have gone out of style. They have remained old. Now the variety of materials and techniques open an infinite range where the only frontier is your originality (and the time you have, of course). We present some designs that you can do yourself, even with the help of the kids. There are for all ages, although we confess that the ones we like the most (and those that we have included in this post) are invitations from children's birthday and juveniles. Seniors have already lost the charm and invitations have become a group of WhatsApp to put the place and time to have a few beers (without alcohol).

These are the funniest designs we propose to make different birthday invitations.

Ideas to make unique birthday invitations

Ice cream invitations

If your (or your) birthday falls in the warmer months of the year, you should make refreshing birthday invitations. Like these that ... make you want to eat them! Although they look like ice cream pops The only thing they have of these are the wooden sticks. The rest can be made of eva rubber, felt or colored paper and cardboard. On the one hand, ice cream strawberry, on the other, the data to not miss the party.

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make original birthday invitations
Source: Charhadas

Another design can be the following. An ice cream cone made of cardboard that, when you open it, hides a very sweet surprise: colored toppings. Wrap them in a transparent bag and stick it on top of the birthday date. It will be something like a ... entree to open your mouth.

make original birthday invitations
Source: Shepetite

Candy-shaped invitations

It seems you can eat but ... no! It is about making birthday invitations in the form of candy. For this you only need one cardboard stamped on one side and white on the other, transparent plastic and strips of color (can be colored threads, ties, rope ...). Write the address of the birthday in the white part, roll it in the width and close it with the plastic and ribbons. It's easy, cheap and very fast to do!

make original birthday invitations
Source: Celebrations and fulfillments

Rainbow invitations

Making birthday invitations like this takes a little more time (about 10 more minutes). But the steps to follow are just as simple as the previous ones. Cut the flap of an envelope in the form of a cloud. Then, fold a card with the colors of the rainbow as if it were an accordion. Glue one end inside the envelope and in the other, stick a cloud of white card. Now all that remains is to fold 'the accordion' and put the cloud in the envelope. When the guest tries to get this one, a rainbow will be automatically displayed with the details of the invitation.

make original birthday invitations
Source: Mr Printables

Winnie the Pooh Invitations

The invitations of Disney characters they are some of the most demanded by the kids. Give him the pleasure and surprise him with designs like these. You only need to cut circles of the color of each character and add some characteristic detail that differentiates them. The tail in Tiger's case, the ears of Mini or the crown of some princess.

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make original birthday invitations
Source: Etsy BooBooBeanCreations

Juvenile birthday invitations

In this case we bring you a more youthful invitation. They are easy to make and sure the teenagers in the house love it. Trace your mobile on a white card, cut out the silhouette and decorate it with colored flags (which by the way, you can find already made in many DIY stores). The more minimalist the better. I'm sure they love it.

make original birthday invitations
Source: Small

Embossed birthday invitations

If you are crafty and like to devote time to crafts, make sure birthday invitations in relief that steal you more than one afternoon (and with pleasure). You can adapt the theme to the tastes of the birthday boy or birthday girl. Do you like the sea? Take the first design as an example.

make original birthday invitations
Source: Pinterest
make original birthday invitations
Source: Etsy

Frozen birthday invitations

'Let it go, Let it go' ... We bet that this chorus you've heard hundreds of times since the most famous sisters of Disney They came out on the big screen. In Oh My Fiesta and you can download designs like this one from Elsa and Anna. There are many models and you can print them for free.

make original birthday invitations
Source: ohmyfest

Printable birthday invitations

If you do not have time or the DIY is not yours, relax. Printable invitations will always remain. On the Greeting Island website you can customize yours and print it in high quality. We have already made ours!

make original birthday invitations
Source: greetingsisland

And finally, we leave you a video in which you will see another original way to present birthday invitations. Hide it inside a balloon (or under it) and surprise your guests.

Have we convinced you to make original birthday invitations or are you going to keep buying those boring cardboard ones? Try doing one and tell us how the result is! And if you want a themed birthday, do not miss these ideas for decorate a Paw Patrol birthday.