Trees are living beings that give us all their courage to make our life more comfortable and healthy. Oxygen, food, raw materials for construction, for the manufacture of paper, conservation of water, air. The trees are alive and in honor of this truth the acclaimed Japanese designer Nobuhiro Teshima has devised the Crank Trick table #2. The visionary is recognized for adding to the elements that create the ability to transform themselves, to vary their structure and thus modify the way in which they can be used.


Mysteriously, their furniture does not look different from the others with the naked eye; without gears, without buttons, without visions in sight, just by rotating some element on its own axis or on the axis of another, the body is transformed and the change occurs. This experimental design uses a mechanism that connects the table that functions as a table and the drawer lids, making, when the first one rotates, all the others also rotate and open the four spaces. The table is made of veneered birch and beech wood. It measures 50 centimeters wide on each side and 75 cm high. This design and many other transformist objects can be found on the website