In Decoration 2.0 we have taught you many times other utilities of video consoles. Sometimes reformed consoles that served us for something more than to play and other objects and decorative accessories inspired by them. In this sense the Nintendo NES console and the Supermario Bros. game is one of the most sought after.

console ornaments

Well, the Christmas season was not going to be less and we found through our web friend Christmas very peculiar ornaments for the tree. These are video game consoles that will hang from the branches of each tree that wants to be considered as a geek, or rather from the owner of the tree that is considered geek.

console ornaments2

Nintendo NES, 2 Play Station, Dreamscast, Xbox 360, Nintendo 64, Wii and Sega Genesis. They are laser cut in plastic and edited in red, white, yellow and black. Its creator is David Rollins of Digits, and the price of each pack of 7 silhouettes (one of each console) of 25 dollars (about 17 €)