The uncontrolled advance of technology and the eagerness we have to be aware of it can result in an uncontrollable network of cables at home or in a collection of useless items, because they lasted only a day or we never learned to use. The cost of maintaining technological sophistication, in addition to repairing items that are damaged, or buying parts and paying technicians, is something we have to deal with and we do not want to. Solutions? The UP-TO-DATE TELECOMMUNICATION SYSTEM, designed by JAN KÖNING, and its incredible modular method, which allows home and office networks to be integrated in a single device, making use of interchangeable and complementary modules.

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The update system works replacing the regular systems, which are defective or outdated, for each of the modules that this new option has. Each one that is identical in its form, is in charge of a specific sector of the domestic technology and they differ, from each other, by the types of port for connection they have.

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The modules:

The MASTER module is the main one and controls the server and processes the output and data entry of all the others.

The TELEPHONE module allows connection to analog and digital telephones and faxes.

The INTERNET module makes the connection to the Web.

The NETWORK module facilitates the use of internal networks of different types.

The WIRELESS module enables the connection of computers and other WIFI accessories

The HARD DISK module serves as a file and data storage and allows users to share and acquire information that updates the operation of the system.

Three other modules can be used as additional in the home:

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The REPEATER module that expands the WIFI signal and improves the quality and speed in the transfer of data over long distances.

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The AUDIO module that can be connected to a sound system and allows to play music in digital format stored in the HARD DISK module

The MEDIA module that is used to watch television, photographs, videos and music, stored in the HARD DISK module.

With the update system the technology will be up to date and the cables and thousands of devices will disappear. Its modern appearance and small size make it a very desirable item. More information on the Website