Today 2.0 decoration, we tell you how to make a fantastic and decorative children's craft. Cheap and simple that we can do at home. If you love children's crafts, you will surely love this one.

The materials what we are going to need are:

- The initial of your child printed on a folio to a large size.
- Crayon waxes
-Liquid glue
- Frame with background (very easy to find)
- Knife or cuter (so that the elders cut the waxes)
- Small grain sandpaper

First, on the initial printed, we are placing the waxes and cutting them in such a way that they conform to the shape of the initial. We pass the sandpaper a little on the cut parts, so that they are well.

Once we have the waxes cut, we put glue on the letter and we are placing the pieces of crayon. We let it dry for a few hours.
To finish, we cut the folio that we have (the size of the frame) and we frame our initial and Ready to decorate the room of the children!

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