Putting a Christmas tree is much simpler than we think, and we may not have to spend a hard time. Of course, it will be a Christmas tree in miniature, for the table, which will decorate perfectly. Pity that when we start dinner everything has to be undone. I work so hard for nothing !, but how nice is that? Surely the guests are amazed.



Once we have the napkin we make a first fold, in half, and iron it to fix each fold. We put the napkin perpendicular and bend it to the sides, both up and down, and iron in each fold we made.

Now, folded in a triangle shape up and down, it is very easy to continue. You just have to look at the pictures we see. So they should stay after bending up and down.

We fold them in half, open them to the sides and give them a triangle shape.

We hold the serviette in the shape of a triangle and open it in the following way, to the right, and iron it. We should not forget to iron always when folding, because that is how we are giving shape to the tree.

After ironing, we put a safe or unsecure pin on the napkin tip so that the tree stays sharp. Then we opened all the little folds that we made and we will get a nice Christmas tree with the napkin.

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