Surely at home you have some CD that is already grated and do not reproduce or one that you do not like. All those compact discs that are storing dust on a shelf can now have a new function: decorating the house at Christmas.

christmas wreath cds

With them we can make a crown for the entrance of the house like this. The creation process is very simple. First, in order for the circular structure to hold, we must join one CD to another, creating little by little the circle that will finally serve as decoration. We fix it with a little glue or hot glue, not much, a point so that they fix one another and then do not move.

Once pasted, we pass between them colored ribbons (one color or several) and we decorate it until we get the desired result.

In this way we will save on the purchase of Christmas decorations (we are not very buoyant). I only see one problem: if the sun hits you head-on we can blind our visitors and the half-neighborhood, although they can also serve to scare off heavy people.

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