Fruit of the design of Phoenix design, nominated for the IF Design Awards, and the new technology developed by the technical team of Hüppe, the Studio Paris. One step further in the design, which starts with some light and elegant lines that positions it above the fleeting spirit of any fashion that lasts over time.

The level of personalization available to the new Manufaktur Studio Paris is designed so that the bathroom is really adjusted to the taste, to the need of the client no matter how high the expectation, Manufaktur Studio Paris, will fulfill it.

A great versatility that is reflected in the possible combinations of hinges, knobs and other accessory elements. By combining the external part in high-quality chrome with colors on the inside, up to six different combinations can be made.

All the solutions have the double possibility of fixing the glasses to the wall by means of profiles or by means of brackets. The squadron has undergone an aesthetic and technical revolution until leaving it in the minimum expression, a single wing. This square is supplied in combination with the colorful colors of the hinges.

Glasses are another essential element that differentiate this series. It emphasizes the option of personalized decorations or the crystals of colors, green, smoked and bronze. The option of fixing the glass using a bar to the ceiling, is another elegant and distinguished alternative in addition to providing the security set.

The hinges are born with the new Slim Line technology with the aim of adapting all its functionalities to the extra-flat design of Phoenix Design. They have an opening exterior - interior in order to save space, and have an up & down system that raises the door 5 mm in its opening. In this way, the door can be opened easily, and without friction with the rain gutter profile, even in installations at ground level.

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The new rain gutter profile is supplied in high quality chrome, which can also be omitted when the maximum accessibility is needed.

The meaning of this creation is to offer a unique bathroom space tailored to the client.

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