The shelves, as an indispensable element of the home, they serve for the storage of objects, helping us to better organize the home.

In addition to serving as an organizer they help to expose items, which we consider decorative, for visual enjoyment.

María Yasko is a great industrial designer, of Russian origin. Her imagination, originality and fantasy have led her to the design and creation of incredible models of wall shelves.

La modular base, of this type of shelving, it is a great attractive visual. In this way located in any room will be, simply, the undisputed protagonist of our decoration.

In this images we can see how they have composed a formidable set bookshelf and stickers on the wall.

Vjunok is the name of this sensational project inspired by nature and its environment. At first glance we can appreciate its ecological style since they look like small trees whose ramifications will be the shelves.

Artistically beautiful, we can enjoy each model. It is a beautiful work whose perfect balance between art and functionality combine perfectly.