It is worth taking all Saturday morning looking for a bookshelf if it is for you and, in addition, you will keep in it the most precious of your private collection: music and books. It goes without saying that the selection of music that we keep in our hearts is probably also with us in different formats such as vinyl records, compact discs, cassettes and mp3, and that over time it becomes more and more extensive and mixed.

Nor is it necessary to clarify that as far as books are concerned, we have a library as varied as it is entertaining; we do not lack classics, police novels, some self-help for difficult moments and some roses, which we read when we need a bit of excitement and romantic adventure.

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For that reason, it is really worth investing the entire weekend in search of a good place to keep our intimate cultural heritage. If we have a large amount of equipment the best will be a simple and practical shelf, easy to access and maintain, but we do not have to give up that it is also beautiful and very striking.

The ONE SHEET Shelving, which means ONE SHELF, was designed by GEERT KOSTER for the Italian design house SINTESI. It is made of steel sheets, its finish is glossy and lacquered, and the colors in which it is produced are black and white. It is a very striking piece that besides useful will add an unusual value to your greatest treasure. More information on the website /