If we had to guess that this decorative element is a radiator, I'm sure we would not guess until we put our hands together and notice the heat. Well yes, it is, it's a radiator inspired by the characteristic Lego block comercialized by Sirocco which is combined with the latest technical innovations in the world of air conditioning.

It is designed by the architect Marco Baxadonne and is called Brig (It could not be otherwise). It is made of aluminum with an interior that circulates copper tubes and aluminum plates that provide the product with great versatility and thermally efficient. But the most amazing thing does not end here: each brick has a double plumbing system, one connected to the heating system and another to connect to other bricks, as if it were a real Lego. It is perfect especially for children's rooms or decorations full of color.

Further information: Sirocco


  1. very interesting the contribution I would also recommend that you use vinyl could be useful greetings

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