It may be that lately I feel a little more paranoid than normal, but with the current work situation, mixed with the crisis, the over-preparation of new professionals and the swarming of volunteer interns not paid in the office where I work, my critical state is taking unimagined dimensions. I have a pretty girl sitting next to me, 5 years younger than me, who does the same work that I do and who, although he arrives late in the morning and leaves early in the afternoon, does not charge a cent to go every day and produce money for the big boss. Sometimes it makes me feel guilty for generating unnecessary expense to the company. Who am I to charge for my work?

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When the overwhelm takes over my days, and I'm not trying to downplay the situation that I currently live in my work, what I try to do is calm down and in the pursuit of that object I have already invested a lot of time and money. I started with an electric massager that I saw in an info-mercial and I have gone through yoga classes, aromatic drinks, relaxation music and kick boxing. Kick boxing is the most effective, yoga is great but it awakens your spirit and I recognize that I am not ready for that.

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Freeing ourselves from our own identity, music allows us to immerse ourselves in an ocean of relaxation. The MUSICAL MASSAGE TABLE allows us to receive an intense massage while listening to our favorite music, intense or quiet, depending on our mood or whether the massage is Chinese or Russian. The designer MATHEW AUDIO combines the subconscious power of music and the renewing experience of a massage. More information on the Website