Given the good reception that have the historical posts in which we talk about crafts and before the continuous consultations to know what materials are used in certain jobs and where get material for crafts online and at a good price, we have decided to open this new section within 2.0 Decoration, because both in interior and exterior decoration there is much room for everything handmade and we want to help you get to know new materials and their uses.

When we talk about handicrafts, the range of possibilities becomes very great, because we can make them from very different types, and surely those who love «handmade»You experiment with many types of techniques, objects and materials.

In addition we will also make a space for recycling, because it is very important sustainability and if we apply it to the decoration, reusing all kinds of materials we will not only be creating and developing, but we will be collaborating with the conservation of the planet.

Do not doubt in contact to ask for materials for crafts, we will try to give references, put examples of uses of different materials, new techniques and whenever possible with videos that are often worth more than a thousand words.

By way of initiation I make a Brainstorming of craft materials of which we will speak and I encourage you to complete this short list with those you usually use and tell us what kind of creations you make.

With all this I begin with this small catalog of material for crafts and uses:

  • Polymer clay (Fimo or any brand): to make pendants and accessories
  • Felt for making brooches, children's mobiles, ...
  • Aluminum wire to make rings
  • Rubber eva to make fofuchas, Christmas decorations, ...
  • Leather to make bracelets
  • Beads to make all kinds of accessories
  • Porex balls to make decorative spheres
  • Mobile eyes for your dolls
  • Buttons for all types of crafts
  • Leather
  • ...

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