Now that summer has really arrived, we have already begun to dust off bikinis and swimsuits and prepare to go to the beach, or to stay in the neighborhood pool, but to bathe after all. There are some and some (rather some) who prefer to "twist" in the sun instead of bathing and to spend those moments you have to look for some entertainment to avoid falling asleep and wake up with 2º degree burns.

Reading is one of the favorite pastimes, but it is often an uncomfortable task: you have to hold the book, avoid the sun face or the reflection of the rays on the sheets, and especially the back pain if we are face down.

About us Ostrich has found the solution with this lounger with hole to support the head so that we are totally lying down and with the book, magazine, newspaper ... under the structure. It can be placed in different positions, 5 for the back and 3 for the legs, or the opening can be closed and opened as needed each time.

Via: Tecnodivas