Since we were little we have dreamed of the idea of ​​traveling with the world on a bicycle adjusted to live in it. From this desire many experiments took place in our house; dining room chairs, tricycle, cardboard boxes and kitchen utensils were the selected objects. Now we see how our children do the same experiments but for our personal satisfaction there has already been a lot of progress in the matter: the inspiration for children already exists and we can support them to fulfill their dream, or come closer to it.


The artist KEVIN CYR built the acclaimed design piece CAMPER BIKE, a powerful pedal tent, in April of 2008, in collaboration with FEAST. The store is basically a modified bicycle, with two rear wheels and one in front, in the place where the driver sits. Inside the store you will find all the necessary elements to spend a weekend alone, in the field. The work of CYR is considered a functional sculpture. In addition to experimenting with bicycles you have also created the version Camper Kart, which is a shopping cart converted into the same tent. The purpose of experimentation is to propose mobile housing solutions based on the fundamentals of recycling and ecology. To know more about this project we can visit the website