Crafts: half striped curtain

In the blog of Casa & Coisas & Tal we have found a very original way to create a curtain for a window. It is not a complete curtain, it will not completely cover the window, but it will decorate it. Therefore we could use it in a place where we want the light to penetrate at all hours, limiting a little the entrance to decorate it, but not completely covering it.

We take the measurements of the window to cut the fabric, which will be the entire length of the window. As it will not move once installed, it is not necessary to install any rail system, simply sew the fabric to a wooden rod where it will be supported.

Once this is done, we must place a rustic rope on the top with a guide to be able to pull, and also fastening it to the wooden stick we have used.

We will take it to the end of the fabric and there we will tie it. Now the purpose is to crease the fabric to the center more or less, and go placing it little by little so that it is perfectly placed. We tie a knot with the remaining rope and it's done. We already have our curtain.

If we choose a striped fabric, like the one we see in the image, the effect is better appreciated, seeing the curve they are making.