We have all had one of those nights in which, having dined too much, drunk more glasses than allowed and smoked, as if it were the last time we were to do it, we suffer from an uninterrupted nightmare, asleep or awake. Nor have we been able to escape from those diffuse and confusing moments that a flu with temperature causes us; delirium, suffocating heat, sweating, chills, they distance us so much from the reality of our days, as they bring us closer to despair and madness. It is in those situations in which we realize how important it is to have a partner by our side, willing to take a glass of fresh water to relieve our heat or get the car in the middle of the night and take us to the nearest clinic . Maybe we have not thought about it but couple relationships have a before and after the flu crisis.

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When the man with whom we were sharing our bed has turned out to be one of those who do not know that you are burning with fever and the next day hopes that you are better for preparing breakfast, it is very likely that in a short time you will have it whole for you alone In any case, it is essential to be well accompanied for emergencies and that's where the NEON night table by LEE BROOM appears. The accessory is based on the mixture of a romantic night table and the raw and vanguard luminosity of the neon, in a piece of furniture that pretends to be impossible to find and provide a double service, lamp and chest of drawers. You will never have the problem of losing the pills in the dark, including, thanks to the light, you will be very clear the long way that when we are sick, we go to the wash. The table is in black and white colors, and the neon can be white or pink; measures 60 cm wide, 40 cm deep and 82 cm high. More information on the Website www.leebroom.com