Since we had our first puppy at home we have suffered the absence of a true design offer to meet the basic needs of the animal. Over time we have realized that there really is no pioneering proposal for beautiful and useful solutions in terms of pet supplies and that we should continue to cope with his life, and ours, with the boring and predictable implements; the cups of water and concentrate, which fly through the air when the dog hits them; the improvised beds, made with as much affection as with little style, and the specialized toys, which they select from your wardrobe or the TV room. But we could not expect anything different, if it is still difficult to find for us a bed that really satisfies us, and when we do it is as expensive as a vacation to the Cayman Islands.

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Now we can count on the MIJA line of unique furniture for dogs of great demands, like ours. The house WOWBOW has created the tables of eating for pets MIJA, that are elaborated in acrylic of 10 mm of thickness, allow to reunite in a single accessory two plates to feed the dog, eliminating the need to place them on the ground, keeping them united, firm , and preventing the dog from overturning them. It turns out to be as beneficial to us as to the dogs, because their food is preserved for longer and in its place. The plates to deposit the concentrate of the pets are machine washable without losing their shine and transparency. The study of the design of the food table is so careful that, by selecting the different sizes on offer, it is possible to ensure that your dog develops its muscles better, protects its front legs and ligaments and has a better digestion, since the movement The food from the snout to the stomach is made in a natural way. More information on the Website