Sthepan Wootton has found the solution to a universal and millennial problem: put your feet on the table. How many times have we been scolded (and scolded) for putting our feet on the tables, especially the coffee ones?

It is an easy resource, you get tired home, wanting to sit down and relax your body, you sit on the couch and rest your feet on the table. Not everyone does it, but let's recognize that it's very common.

Well, Wootton has designed a table called FUKU / TTON in which the board can be moved to allow comfortable cushions to appear that can be used as a footrest or as a support on the floor.

The table has a hexagonal shape and is divided into two, separating the lower board from the upper one, and between the two there is a space to store four cushions. It is designed to optimize the space in the room.

Further information: Stephan Wottoon

Vía: Freshome