Merry Christmas Christmas, it's time for celebration, reunion, reunion. The whole family concentrates around the tree or the turkey in the oven and prays. They pray those who pray all year, the unsuspecting children, the grandparents and the grandmothers, some misplaced aunt and even those who do not pray pray, all in favor of filial love and the supper that he expects served at the table. The turkey can be a chicken, pork, vegetables, some fish or a good mix. What is assured is quality and quantity.

Everyone eats - vegetarians only taste - but as it happens, no one ever wonders how the food has arrived on their plate, let alone who they are or what kind of dishes they are using. Not to mention the fountains, the luxury cutlery, the vases for the water, the glasses for the wine, the glasses for the whiskey, the individual ones, the cloth napkins, the trays and the tablecloths. All the household items, which help a lot to make the food taste better, go unnoticed in front of the Christmas look of the hungry family members.


The number of dishes is infinite and cleaning and drying them after meals is difficult to manage. The idea of ​​the designers MARC BALLVE & VICTOR VINYAMATA of making a series of dishes that can be "laid" like shirts on a string or stacked on a bar is excellent. The CUELGAME collection proposes a line of modern design for kitchenware with that variation that makes it so special. More information on the Website