The nights of the holidays are especially pleasant for me because I gather with my family around a cup of tea and some cake. We tell ourselves what happens during the week and we all have the opportunity to expose our disagreements and problems of coexistence. It is not necessary to live in a home-study in order to meet and try to reconcile differences and recognize progress.

Around the living room table many stories are woven: confessions, memories, memories, claims and considerations, that arise naturally and without creating conflicts, fortunately. It is always good, speaking of decoration, that our table is large enough to support the use of a dining table and a tea table at the same time. I recommend a square table.


The English design has given me a gift and it is the PLISGO table, made by CONKA DESIGN. Made in thermoformed vinyl, it has a retro look that suits the brown carpet and the vintage mirror that I already have in the living room. More information on the website