If you are a devourer born of books, if you enjoy living the stories you read, of traveling, of learning, of navigating relentlessly between letters and words; I'm sure your house is full of books that probably do not know where or how to place.
If you have this problem, today, I propose a simple and charming solution ...

To all lovers of reading you would like to have a large space that we could turn into a dream library. Of course, the truth is that in most cases the available meters in our house prevent it. However, I am sure that no matter how small I am to your house, you will always find a space, a corner that you can use for those moments of reading. It will not take too much space: a corner, the space wasted under a window ... Choose your corner!

Once you have clear where your corner will be for evasion and reading, it will be enough to place a comfortable chair or armchair, a nice rug, some details on the wall, a lamp and ... your books! Although, at the beginning of the post I promised to offer you a simple and charming idea to keep your books handy and ordered without taking up too much space. What is promised is debt. Here is the idea:

auxiliary tables with books

It is simply to stack the books creating small and original side tables, so that you can always have your books at hand and also use them as a table for the lamp, the tray with tea or simply to place any detail, object or decorative element.