The coffee tables are basic pieces for the living room and essential accessories for the sofa. It is important to pay attention to choose the model that best suits the dynamics of your home.

Recommendations on measures and forms of coffee tables

Coffee tables - measures
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There is a wide variety of designs, shapes and sizes of coffee tables in the market. Choose the model that best suits your needs and tastes.

  • The table should have a balanced measure with respect to the sofa, it should not be too big or small, but compensated.
  • Recommended measure. It is approximately two thirds of length with respect to the sofa. In the event that you choose two small coffee tables they should occupy the same space.
  • La Appropriate height is 45 cm. Ideally, have the same height as the seats of the sofa or armchairs.
Vintage design coffee tables
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  • It is important leave a free space of 45 cm, to not have problems of step and move freely.
  • You have to leave one distance with television or music equipment approximately of 80 cm.
Coffee tables modern design
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  • If you have a large room, do not hesitate to add a heavier table visually and that becomes the focal point of the stay.
  • As for the shapes of the coffee tables, you must take into account the dimensions and shape of the room.
  • A rectangular table It adapts better to elongated and narrow spaces.
Round tables center
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  • The round models They are ideal for square-shaped stays.
Oval coffee tables
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  • Oval models, help to create contrasts with the furniture of straight lines.
Nest center tables
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  • The nested tables They are a good solution for small spaces, since they are very versatile and functional. You can use them in different ways and according to the needs of the moment.
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Functionality of coffee tables

Center tables with liftable wing
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It is important know the role of the table in the room.

  • If you are only going to have an aesthetic function or you need to keep objects inside.
  • For this last one is your case singles multifunctional models that have a great capacity of storage: drawers, lifting wing ...
Coffee tables for children
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  • If the youngest of the house use the table to do their homework or play, choose a durable and resistant material. It must also have rounded edges.
Wooden tables

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Choose the most appropriate material

Glass coffee tables
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Depending on the effect you want the coffee table to transmit, you will look for the right material.

Glass coffee tables with gold
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  • The Glass coffee tables, they provide visual lightness and give a modern touch to the room. In gold finishes are fully topical. However if you have children at home is not the most recommended material.
Square wooden coffee tables
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  • Wood is a noble material that contributes beauty and warmth to space. Visually occupy more space, so it is recommended to choose light models, with narrow legs or combine it with glass. Another solution is to opt for synthetic materials that are very easy to clean and maintain.
Coffee table

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  • Marble is a material that comes back with great force. It is trend the coffee tables of this material with metal legs, which gives them an elegant and exclusive appearance.

Decorative styles

Nordic style coffee tables
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Depending on the predominant decorative style in the room, you will choose the table that best suits you. It does not have to be exactly the same but it complements it perfectly.

  • If you are passionate about Nordic style bet on coffee tables made of natural materials.
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Eclectic style coffee tables
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  • Eclectic style. It allows to combine different decorative tendencies and create a warm and harmonious decoration.

How to decorate coffee tables

Coffee tables - decorative elements
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Both the sofa and the coffee table are elements that draw attention as soon as you enter the room. Must be pay special attention to decorate it, since depending on which decorative details you choose, it will define the decoration of the room.

The first step you should think about is what kind of objects and accessories you want to place on top of. It is advisable choose at most 3 or 4 elements so as not to overload the decoration.

Coffee tables with trays
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  • Add a tray as base. It is a way to group elements and create a balanced and organized composition.
Coffee tables with stacked books
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  • Stacks several books or magazines. Choose models of fashion, art, design, decoration.
  • Room with candles to create an intimate and special atmosphere.
  • Take into account the shape and dimensions of the table. For small tables do not place large objects, since the composition will be decompensated.
Coffee tables with flowers
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What have you found these tips to choose and decorate the coffee tables?