Once again the design challenges itself and proves that the new and original is always created, in all pieces of furniture and also in the dining and living tables.

The models we present challenge the conventionality of forms. Apart from the fact that the current trend in decoration indicates that the path to travel is around round shapes and that the so-called "sharp edges" are asleep in the pages of the oldest catalogs of brands, it is true that you have a table with straight lines in your house, you do not have to place it in the background, or to inscribe it in your list of dispensable items.

If that table has straight lines, but if it follows an original form, it will gain its own charisma, which centers it again on its decoration.

Let yourself be seduced by the originality and conjugation of different materials. It is this fusion and the added value that results from it, the adjective that should weigh in its choice and that has been in the head of the designers of the most famous brands of decoration and furniture, who try to edit tables with new forms, but keeping its logical functionality.


The majority of the sinuous formats that characterize these pieces are concrete thanks to the advance of the techniques of cutting and of the own materials more and more moldable and able to give a new form to the matter.

In this field, we talk about glass, acrylic, marble and wood, but also new compositions resulting from a fusion of technological materials that can, for example, prepare a table to be in your living room, dining room, or terrace. the mercy of climatic alterations, such is the case of the new "Elica" table of the company Zanotta

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Despite the economic and financial crisis we are experiencing, it is this technological advance of the design industry that continues to dictate today, and will continue to dictate in the future, the ways in which new trends in interior decoration are designed.


Surrender to the evidences of originality of these tables that can be included in the decoration project of your house, without appearing to be extravagant, since they are extremely delicate and avant-garde.