We are already close to half of the 2010 and despite still being away from the thickest part of the year in terms of parties, we talk about Christmas and New Year's Eve, or we have given the job of looking for options to condition your home so that the decoration is also present when it comes to celebrating.

If your guest list is vast and if you have room to spare in your home, why not buy an XL size dining table?

If your dining room is large, you should opt for a fixed table, also large. In round tables, for example, go beyond the radio 1,30 m and on rectangular tables try to exceed the 90 x 180 cm or the 100 x 200 cm that may be scarce in large families.

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Be consistent with the wide space available to you and opt for a table with an average size, above the 240 or 300 cm.

On materials, in addition to walnut, or other woods with new more complex compounds, lacquered or transparent glass is a trend that is currently highlighted in interior decoration and also in large format tables.

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In this case, transparency is understood as the rational way of contouring the volume that can visually occupy a dining table with size XL. The table exists, it is there, but the transparency makes it less present in the decoration and the space breathes with less complications.

In this chapter, do not worry about having a dining table, size XL in glass. Today it is common practice in the market to produce table covers in tempered glass.

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This means that in the event of a break, the glass crashes but is not broken, representing an additional security for the users.

In addition to all these advantages, a fixed dining table, in XL format, avoids the problems of extensible dining tables, which can even be economically more expensive, since the good mechanisms of the extendable tables have a relatively high price.

In terms of design, the models of extendable tables available in the catalogs always in smaller numbers.

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For all this and if you like to receive friends throughout the year and not just for the most festive season, think of a great choice of an XL dining table. This is also what we intend in 2.0 decoration, that you intensely live your home every day of the year taking advantage to share it in your more and better moments with the others.