This Christmas I had a few saved savings and I decided to give my brother a gift that he had been waiting for quite some time: an iPod. The problem is that I was not too far-sighted when buying it and with the Christmas dates on it there were not any left in the stores. Exhausted! Maybe there was a different model to the one I wanted, a color that my brother would not like ... .. in short, nothing at all, another year will be. However I realized a fact, that for a few years the iPod in all its versions is the most popular player among young people.

That also explains that its design goes beyond its functionality, that of being a music player and other content, and is also used in other areas such as decoration. An example of this is this table shaped like an iPod.

His name is iTable and it has been created by the Italian artist Mirko Ginepro and presented at the Milan Week Design (Milan Design Week). It is made of a very resistant material, used for kitchen countertops and bathrooms, and also includes a small area with glass screen that simulates the actual screen of the iPod and also allows you to see what is below, as under the top board also There is a storage space.

Its size is 120 x 75 cm, and its height is 33 cm, and it is sold in white, black and yellow. It can be purchased on request and for this you must contact the designer. It is one more option to give to my brother. I will take it in count.

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More information: Mirko Ginepro

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