Remember the announcement of a German brand in which a drawing comes out of the box and builds the car in question, but they, these MDF and metracrilate tables, were born before and belong to the Icara Collection. Its creators are the Valencian designers Clara del Portillo y Álex Selma, leaders of Yonoh Studio.
Icara Table

It is a series of auxiliary dining room furniture, functional to the maximum, with simple lines that touch the sixties minimalism, and whose simplicity allows them to pass almost unnoticed. And we say almost because precisely the simplicity of its design and the texture of its materials, allowed the Icara tables to serve as support for the work of graphic artists who, as in the photo, made theirs for a sample of the sector makes a couple of years.

A daring license that adds aesthetic value to a beautiful collection from the beginning and that can only be purchased in white. The artistic outbursts are left to the taste of the consumer when he has decorating a space in his house.