The old diskettes (floppy disks or disks of 3 / 2, as a friend called them) still serve for something more than to occupy a space in the drawers. Some nostalgics, like me, still resist that they will never be used again and we keep them as a treasure with information that will one day be worth to us. Let's not fool ourselves.



Anyway, with ideas like this I can give them another use. It will require patience, yes, but they may be useful for something. It is a little table for the laptop created with many floppy disks stuck together at angles of 45 º original right?



It occurs to me that the design could be completed in another way. We can cut a fine board of marquetry, and put it on as a board, even leave space on the sides to use the holes as a boat for pencils and objects.

Via: The design blog


  1. It's very good! I'm trying to make a trash can with diskettes, but I have a problem: they do not stick to me. I already test with several brands of universal glue and I can not get it to last.
    Do you know what you can do?

  2. The idea that goes hand in hand with the ideas of ecodesign and the care of the environment is very original.

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