One of the most common concerns we have as women and wives is to always maintain in our men the sense of belonging to the home. We love to put our creativity to work when furnishing and decorating your office and although this is a private space of your professional life, you always agree that we tell you where and what you need to get your tasks done. an organized way and in a pleasant atmosphere.


One of the fundamental elements that requires a well-disposed office is a coffee machine, small and fast, and a set of plates and cups for tea or coffee. We will easily find these accessories and some more that for its usefulness and creativity will attract our attention. As for example the innovative T-LIGHT heat table, created by the London design house VITAMIN, which makes your coffee or tea cups stay warm for much longer, even hours. The beautiful table, which has an organic, minimalist and modern appearance, gives off a gentle thermal current when hot drinks are placed on the tempered surface. It is made of white ceramic and works with batteries or electric current. More information on how to acquire this indispensable article at