I remember that when I was introduced to Nicolás, my current husband, I was surprised and even shocked to discover that he was a man who not only looked great but also had a very good sense of humor, which assured me he was smart , and a fully developed aesthetic criterion. The man, although very austere in his way of dressing, showed me from the first conversation, that like me, he valued and had a special interest for decoration, as well as other major arts.

I can not say that our relationship is perfect, not even close to very good, because we are libertarian spirits and we really believe in our convictions but I can assure that there is a territory in which we are soulmates and it is in the design. He recently bought, without needing my intermediation, a coffee table for his office that I almost stole to put it at home. I already have one in the room so I just stayed in one of my valuable ideas.


The contemporary coffee table, inspired by the design of the sixties, RETROCONTEMPORARY was designed by CALLIGARIS. It has as much style as it is practical since it has a central drawer below the board and two on each side, which open by rotation. The clean lines and elegance of its curves makes it a classic object in my husband's office, which is now a fan of Italian design. More information on the Website www.calligaris.it

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