Nobody could know better and more deeply about me and my constumbres that if you know my desk at home or if you see the office desk. It may be that my husband's mother does not get the best impression when he carelessly decides to rummage in my small clothes drawers, not for anything out of the ordinary, but rather for the chaos that is normal at home.

On occasion I have deceived a distant visitor by letting them see how the room shines or, even more convincing and at the same time unreal, inviting them to follow the hygienic kitchen for a casual coffee, while I do the dishes. Because what I usually say is that I can not see a dirty mess, although the usual, really, is that I do not see them because I never enter the kitchen. It is your natural space and I respect it.

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A different case, as I said at the beginning, is the study. There it is impossible to simulate something that I am not and as a consequence, all my positive and negative characteristics are easily identifiable. It's not so bad, I recently discovered on the Web page a set called DESKTOP STATION, which combines Mahogany with Indian Rosewood by means of a T-shaped union in the designs, making them stronger and more beautiful. From this small detail the elements acquire a basic, simple appearance and above all they are functional.

They can be purchased individually, in different combinations of set and completely. The complete, which is what I now use on my desk and represents my love for design and how much I work daily, is composed of a cutter, a pen opens letters, a tape dispenser, a small stapler and a file of paper with space for pens. The case is also beautiful and useful, it is built light and clear Balso wood. The finishing of all the pieces is brilliant. Lately I have many wishes to write, I even write letters to the mobile phone company with pleasure.