For the benefit of families that have one or more dogs in their list of members and, above all, of the dogs that sleep in the cold, remote and poorly protected houses of gardens and garages, it is pleasant to announce that the development agency industrial VANDALAY, in partnership with the DESING CENTRAL house, has created the avant-garde proposal WARMING PET BED or BED FOR CLIMATIZED DOG.


It is a set for dogs, developed with the aim of improving their comfort and quality of life. Taking into account a study made on the behavior of the family of dogs that lives in Vandalay's own house, it has been concluded that they could live with them, under the same roof, solving aspects related to odors, humidity and sound. The implementation of special materials that control these factors, the best use of the space in which the dog lives, the lighting and temperature control, are aspects that the design faces and solves in an effective and aesthetic way. The project, which is in the stage of improvement, represents an advance in the way humans and animals live in closed spaces and raises the possibility that this interaction improves, is perfected and is less difficult for both parties. To find out about the results, it is possible to contact Design Central on the website