My children are adorable. The boy is seven years old, a pair of beautiful eyes -which he took from my father-, dark and shiny hair, white teeth, clear skin and concentrated energy like a Madrid stew. The girl is a sweetness; she will surely be beautiful and confident -like her mother-, she is blonde like Paulina, delicate, feminine and calm as a tornado. My children are adorable, I want the best for them and that is why making the space in which they live is comfortable, useful and beautiful is a priority.

When I was a child I shared a room with my sister, almost two years older than me. We had each one, paths white, simple, a night table and on it a lamp to read. We also shared a dresser where we kept the toys, a wardrobe for clothes and a desk, for which we fought daily. She always won the fights and I had no choice but to trample on her white shoes and run away. In any case we had a nice space.

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For the walls of the boys' room, or at least for one, I thought about using the ROBOT BLUE wallpaper. The designer AIMÉE WILDER has created this coating, in shades of blue and pink, to make children's rooms a more pleasant and sweet. Each roll of 100% paper measures 4.57 meters long and 69 cm wide. The printing on paper is laser. More information on the website