I have a serious problem of space at home. I do not know where to put the books, the magazines, the cds, the acetates, the postcards, the photographs. My whole life is summarized in a collection of objects that remind me of moments and places, people and experiences. Each of the souvenirs that I have is an important document that recalls my past, and it is from my past that I can understand who I am now. I do not want to lose track and that's why I do not get over the idea of ​​doing without any of my objects.

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I will not leave aside any of my memories and that is why I concentrate on finding the perfect piece of furniture that, with a lot of style and at a great price, allows me to accumulate large amounts of life in it, without being overwhelming or too heavy. The ideal is a lightweight bookcase, good invoice, built with excellent materials and easy to maintain.

CHICAGO shelving is a very economical option, due to the amount of space it saves and its effective use. It has 8 main shelves in which you can stack, hang and paste as many things as we can. It is built in cedar and its structure is made of tubular steel. It measures 74,5 inches high by 94 inches wide.

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