We have already talked about microcement applied to pavements and the possibilities it offers, as well as the option of making inlays and drawings to decorate it. Even, some other designer has dared with microcemento furniture, very artistic but not very comfortable.


Through Estiloambientación.com We have known a new way to use it: as a wall covering. In this Argentine portal about design, interior design and decoration, we are told about the advantages of using microcement in our rooms, especially wet rooms such as bathrooms or kitchens.


This pigmented cementitious material can be placed on any surface without the need to remove the existing coating, such as tiles, stone, paper, etc. Due to this ease of installation it is easy to install, ideal for quick decoration changes.


  1. Hello,
    Luis Mateos and others we are a valencia company and we would not mind going to Aicante and wherever it is to apply microcemento do not hesitate to contact us in our mail thanks and greetings to all.

  2. Hello the truth is that I did not know this material, but lately I am hearing a lot about it, it seems that it is fashionable and has many advantages. Do you know any company by alicante that is dedicated to its application? Thank you.

  3. In the office where I work, we have the bathroom made of microcemento and the truth that gives a very modern touch and apparently is very easy to clean. The truth is very good for the bathroom.

  4. This material is great for decoration. It is true that it is quick and easy to apply. If someone dares, I leave a simple method to apply it
    Thanks for this article.

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