«Champ» It is a multifunctional sofa, but they have a second function that we have not seen so far and that is focused on athletes, all kinds of people who like sports but especially those who have a fondness for one in particular: boxing.

Designed by the German Tobias Fraenzel and marketed by the manufacturing company Campsites, Field It is a sofa with modernist airs, which consists of the seat, in gray, and the backrest in red. This backrest with cylindrical shape can be moved to change it from the horizontal and vertical position and then here we will find our punching bag.

It serves to do sport inside house and to relieve us of the daily stress, as long as we are not a professional boxer and we do not stick too strong like to break the structure. Even if they are not professionals, there are people who are very happy for the world that would give this bag a strong foothold. The question is will it resist?

The model was presented last week at the Milan International Furniture Show 2010.

Further information: Champeggi

Vía: Freshome