The stone is usually an element that is used to decorate the exteriors usually, but in recent years we have seen how its use was recovered for interiors, especially in rustic houses, usually using them in the living room. They have also been used as a contrast with modern environments, often with white or beige walls, in which modernity and tradition alternate.

In many old houses it has been chosen to leave some original stone wall and to reform the rest, conserving in this way part of the soul of the original house and the new wise one that brings the remodeling.

At the Milan International Furniture Fair he has also recovered this idea, and as they say in the blog Freshome, its combination with the lights and applied to the bedroom decoration gives an infinite feeling of tranquility. No doubt a quality that many seek since the only redoubt of tranquility that we have throughout the day is usually our bedroom and our own dream.


  1. I love the style of houses they present. I am looking to expand and at the same time change the facade of my house, they give me great ideas

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