Within the decoration we have a good number of furniture that create radical changes in the realization of spaces conditioning with their morphology the tendency that we have to develop.


Among them there is a good amount of pieces made of a renewable, economical vegetable material, we talk about wicker, the same is not a novelty of echo in ancient Egypt it was common to make furniture in this junk extremely resistant and handy.


The truth is that the wicker furniture they were left aside for a good amount of time, destined only for exterior pieces, because it was considered that the aesthetic finish did not present Vanguard features and in many cases grew in style.


The modern techniques in working with the material really revolutionize the concept we have about it, the beauty and delicate termination in many occasions generate surprise or astonishment to denote that they are built in wicker.


Today we can find a remarkable amount of pieces formed in this material, from luminaries to space separators, the most important highlight is undoubtedly the low cost its light and natural character, added to the fact that in many cases it can be recycled by artisans, converting their old wicker furniture in these fine avant-garde pieces.


Without it matters the tendency that develops in the spaces surely to find wicker furniture that adapts to the same, although the trend develops nobly on the outside and youth decoration irreverent character where the forms are not the most important but the sensual attractiveness that suggests the environment.

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