Simple, original and absolutely adorable. This tiny Christmas tree will decorate our home while giving it a touch of originality and life. It seems perfect for children's rooms because the colors are very happy, of course you can choose other colors maybe darker so that the result is more elegant, that will depend on you.

tree cloth

We do not see the instructions but we imagine that it must be very easy to do it. We only have to cut a piece of cardboard or a marquetry table and choose the fabrics and decoration that we are going to put on it. Then we can use white glue (marquetry, a little diluted with water) or also glue interlining.

From here we just have to hit, from the bottom up to put one layer on top of another. We must do the same with another small board or cardboard that we will use as the trunk of our tree, although here we could also do it with a single color of fabric, instead of combining several patterns.

At the tip, a small flower or some star could crown our tree and the bottom, a lace would round a perfect and beautiful job.



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