We have talked to you about the way to recycle the old diskettes that are around the house and that almost nobody uses anymore, such as making a small side table. They will still have information and if we do not want to lose it we will have to save it in another storage system because after the transformation the disks will be unusable.

The idea is to make small pots with them in which to put a small plant. For this we will need to collect six floppy disks, at least to build a flowerpot. If we have more, then we can continue doing when we want.

To make a flowerpot we will need:

- six floppies

- a plastic bottle

- liquid glue, glue

- cutter

- an artificial plant (only to decorate)

El process It is very simple. First we set up a cube with four of the diskettes, and a fifth for the base. We join them all with a little tail and with insulating tape so they do not separate.

Now we take the bottle and introduce it into the box we have formed, to see if it has the appropriate measures to enter it. Once checked we cut the bottle leaving it protruding a little above the cube measurements.

With that piece of bottle we go to the last floppy disk that will be the one we use to seal the surface. We put the bottle on it and mark the edges. Then we will cut it and what we are going to take advantage of is the outer edge of the diskette with which we are going to disarm the center.

We tested the plastic boat with the boat and with the edge of the floppy disk that we have cut and if it fits it is already available to paste. We cut the excess plastic and began to extend the tail. For the bottom of our plastic piece, on the edges of the cube or box and on the cut edges of the last diskette. We join all and fix with pins to dry.

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When it is completely dry we can mount the plant, we put stones in the interior (no land is necessary because the plant is not natural, it would not transpire because there is no outlet for watering and roots) and we put our plant.

We already have our floppy disk container. If we do not have all the discs of the same color we can paint them afterwards, once assembled and pasted. So we have given a new use to our diskettes without having to throw them away.

Vía: Instructables