The white building that we see in the image is a design Elding Oscarson, Made in Landskron (a city on the west coast of Sweden) and it is hard not to notice it.

Initially, its design is minimalist and simple, perhaps it would go unnoticed in another urban area, but not in a city where the houses are smaller and more traditional, more in the Swedish style.

Between two houses on one floor, with a gable roof and dark facades, suddenly emerges a construction plant, with a smooth wall, barely decorated and with a flat roof, perfectly square lines.

Despite being a narrow house inside it is very spacious given that it is designed as a continuous structure, without ceilings or walls, only with stairs that connect one floor with another, and a small garden in the back.

Maybe it is not located in the best place, but if they wanted repercussion on it, it has been the best possible choice.

Vía: digs digs

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